I’ll Match all Donations, (up to $3,000)

18 Feb

I honestly never expected this story to have gained this much attention.  Instead of using this brief fame for personal attention, I’d love to raise funds for a good cause.

I’ll match all donations, up to $3,000, and will post screenshots showing that the money was matched and donated.  Scout’s Honor.

Links to ministries where the money will go:
Distributes 100% of money received to missions
Smuggles Bibles to persecuted Christians
Translates and shows the JESUS film in over 1,120 languages
Provides bicycles, dirtbikes, and horses to pastors in 3rd world countries

These are the most financially responsible and effective Christian ministries I could find.  They have averaged roughly 1 convert to Christianity for every $5 donated.

If you would like more information regarding donations, you may contact me personally at: Geekoncall@juno.com
Or via facebook: facebook.com/Spiffytexan

One Response to “I’ll Match all Donations, (up to $3,000)”

  1. mark h July 27, 2012 at 2:42 pm #

    Logan, your links are broken. i had to manually type it in. can you fix them so people can actually see? thanks.
    i can’t believe there are people who still use juno emails.

    keep it up.

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